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"My regular Moleskine is large lined journal. I use this for the most necessary things in my life. I write all my sermon outlines in that Moleskine and take it with me into the pulpit. I write lesson plans and outlines of IM articles in it. I take notes from reading into this notebook. I write prayers and thoughts to myself in it. That Moleskine really is an annex of my brain.

Why not use my G4 Powerbook for all of these things? As convenient as my G4 is, it’s not convenient enough. My Moleskines are with me constantly and are easily portable in my satchel. Working with computer calendars and journals is simple, but I want to write, not type. I type plenty. But I want to write and I want to keep writing. The psychic experience of pen and paper is not transferable for me. IOWs, my Moleskines make me happy.

Why not use another notebook? No big reason. Moleskine is a nicely made product, with a look and feel that writers enjoy. The books are plain, simple and efficient. They lay flat. The paper doesn’t bleed. Sites like Moleskine Art will show you what some people do with their notebooks. All resemblances to a religious cult are purely accidental, I assure you, but I do take pleasure in seeing how many Moleskines are now appearing in television and movies. Resistance is futile…."

Michael Spencer
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Shanghai, China
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