Turkey Quill Stationery Set


Many calligraphers still consider a quill pen the best writing instruments because of the quill’s ability to produce a fine line with none of the harsh qualities of a steel nib. The U.S. Supreme Court still uses 1200 quills a year, upholding a tradition it began in 1801.

The Quill Pen and Ink Stationery Set includes 15 sheets of antiqued parchment-like paper, stained and edged, 10 matching envelopes, a feather quill, hand blown glass ink bottle tied with a red, white and blue ribbon, cork top, packaged dry ink, history and instructions for use. Individual parchment sheets measure 7" x 10" inches.

Available at the Liberty Bell Museum


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    That would be the quill pens given to lawyers appearing before the Court as souvenirs, then. I think these are expected to be framed rather than used as writing instruments!

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