How do you start a new book?

I have just started a new book and I was wondering about other people’s rituals.

Mine is to:

– Buy a replacement before I open the new one.
– Take the wrappers off. Look at the insert. attach the price tag to
the insert and tuck it in the back cover.
– Write my name and contact information inside the front cover.
– Place the book on it’s spine and fan the pages to separate them.
– Using an 03 sakura pigma micron pen, begin numbering pages. (I don’t
write on un-numbered pages.)

In my last book, I started using the last handful of pages as reference
pages for books I wanted to read, favorite websites, calendar notes,
and project lists. I think I like that, but I haven’t decided how much
of that I want to copy over.

– tink

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