How To Evolve A Note Taking Methodology


From writer L.S. Russell:

"Over the course of this year I have evolved a workable note taking methodology, and in the lifehacker spirit I would like to share what I’ve learned. My requirements for a note taking method were simple: (almost) zero investment, (almost) zero memorization, fold-in current knowledge, the notes must remain useable, and the method must be like water.

Zero Investment; Zero Memorization–Almost

Beyond the things I would normally buy (e.g. pen, colored pencils, index cards, post-it notes, and notebook or paper) my method should require no monetary investment, but larger than that I didn’t want to invest much time either learning or memorizing a new system. I’m a student after all, and any time spent on learning how to take notes is time I can’t spend on memorizing which article goes with which German noun. So while some of the research I did stuck with me throughout, especially that from Easy Script, if it required me to learn a bunch of squiggly lines and their meanings, I tossed it out…"

Leslie S. Russell
How To Evolve A Note Taking Methodology

Read on.

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