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Hazel Tsoi

"Hi everyone, I’m Hazel, I’m in the management side of independent theatre in London and also a contributor / editor of

I’ve been aware of Moleskines for a long time, but never actually used one myself until I got married this summer. My husband is crazy about Moleskines and I thought it was time to stop using the back of envelopes for all my notes (weddings require a lot of notes…) so we asked for Moleskines on our wedding list and got several each.

Then the City Notebooks were released and my conversion to proper ink pens and Moleskine notebooks was complete. And that’s how I ended up here, completely and utterly hooked on Moleskines."

House Of Secrets Incorporated

Hi, I’m Hilde and not very good at intro posts and such. I’m a fashion and costume designer, and I’ve just discovered just how useful moleskines are as work and sketchbooks 😀
And I love the City Notebooks too.
I admit, I’m addicted 🙂

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