ISO Leica D-Lux 3


Can anybody help me find a Leica D-Lux 3 (black) in the U.S. ? They seem to be impossibly out of stock these days. >.<

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[Yes, I know they’re just Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 twins but I want the one with the red dot :]   

Update 12.26.07


The "item" arrived today. Pics to come.

Update: 12.28.06
Uploaded test shots on FLICKR

Thanks again to Art and Jimmy.

21 thoughts on “ISO Leica D-Lux 3

  1. Hey, I have one of these babies! I bought mine about a month and a half ago.

    Try this place…

    Colonial Photo & Hobby, Inc.
    407 841-1485

    They’ve been in business in Orlando for some 50 years.

    Best of luck.

  2. Thanks for the tips. Will call them in the morning otherwise I may just have to wait for my friend to visit his hometown this summer and buy it right at the factory in Solms near Wetzlar.

  3. That’s too bad, I just found out that Colonial sold their last one on Saturday…you missed it by 1 day.

    If I hear of any other suppliers I’ll let you know.

  4. Dude! It’s your lucky day!

    Palm beach photographic center (actually delray beach in Florida) 561 276 7766

    They just received a couple in TODAY! they will ship to only your credit card address..

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I left them a message last night and they actually called back this morning with 1 available!!! I have summoned the gods of Visa and am anxiously waiting for the response. Thanks JCC!

  6. Hey where’s my finder’s fee? Just kidding..:)

    You’re welcome, enjoy the camera. It’s very nice!

    Although I’m always a bit afraid to show the red tag. Being in New York City, someone might snatch it from my hand!

  7. hey armand
    i have been looking for a leica d-lux 3 camera for a whole month straight and still am cameraless. hey armand, i’ll pay you a finders fee for sure! does anyone know where i can find one. i am desperate and need to take mural photos for a book by the end of jan.

  8. Zebo: I’ve been searching for 1 more (regularly-priced) D-Lux 3 for a friend to no avail. Seems the only place you can find them these days is on eBay – at more than $800.

  9. I don’t personally know any of those sellers so I can’t guarantee anything but their feedbacks seem ok. Good luck in your quest.

  10. does anyone know the difference between the leica d-lux 3 and the leica v-lux1? which one is the best camera?

  11. Hi there,

    After searching for this camera for a long time and waiting for it to be available on amazon, i finally came across this page, read the comments, and called Palm beach photographic center. When I called they didn’t have any, but said that they receive them every so often. So I left my phone # with them, and after a month I received a call. The sales person was very pleasant and I’m very happy with the overall buying experience, not like you call some big dept store and get the automated messages or some dude trying to sell you something else. I got it for $689, it comes with a carrying case and an extra battery. Well… If anybody is lookig around for this camera, I highly suggest calling Palm beach photographic center, very helpful people, and nice service.

    oh yes, the camera is quite something too, i’m really excited about it :))))))


  12. everywhere i look these little gems are out of stock– anyone know what’s going on? going to call leica tomorrow to see what’s up– oh, the reason i’m here– i would love to find a way to warn the uninformed buyer browsing amazon that the two listings there, which have these going for almost $1,400 per camera, are obscene. i really hope no one falls for that–

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