Moleskine Breakfast Routine

My Moleskine is thus a thinking tool and way to keep my focus and advance my work (for pay and otherwise). It’s almost like a listener. If you’ve ever wished you had two of you, this is one way to do it. I’m the reader/listener and the writer. Putting things down in writing lets me converse with myself I guess. It gives some distance. It’s powerful.

As this post is getting quite long, I’ll just say that on good days I write 6 to 8 pages and some days it is more like one. This writing-walking-breakfast thing is a major part of my life. It is wonderful. Perhaps if I didn’t work at home it wouldn’t be as desirable to get out somewhere everyday. Perhaps the conversational aspect of the writing wouldn’t be so valuable.

I love it. It feels like a healthy and useful luxury and I hope I can always carve out a space in my schedule to do it. So far I’ve been doing it for close to a year and there’s no end in sight…"

Janet Tokerud
Tech Ronin


[Thanks Mike]