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20 Drawings

"Aubrey" by Jock20 DrawingsA collection of sketches of family and friends Visit

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How do you start a new book?

I have just started a new book and I was wondering about other people’s rituals. Mine is to: – Buy a replacement before I open the new one.- Take the wrappers off. Look at the insert. attach the price tag … Continue reading

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Fountain Pens: A Place to Start

I use two types of paper most of the time. First, I seem to have at least one Moleskine in every bag I carry. The paper is lovely, smooth, and takes most inks very well. However, a very wet pen … Continue reading

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Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech

For me, to be a writer is to acknowledge the secret wounds that we carry inside us, wounds so secret that we ourselves are barely aware of them, and to patiently explore them, know them, illuminate them, own them, and … Continue reading

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20 Questions

Radica has launched a handheld machine that plays 20 Questions to win, taking the opposite approach to the finish line with startlingly accurate results. You think of something, then the machine starts with a gigantic catalog of all possible results, … Continue reading

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Mark Frauenfelder’s Gremlin Cahiers

" I silkscreened a red gremlin on the covers of these 64-page, 9cm x 14cm Moleskine Cahier notebooks. You can buy one for $6 postpaid (US only). This edition is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies." Mark Frauenfelder BB … Continue reading

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a boy and girl on opposite ends of the continent send polaroids with handwritten messages in the mail. the pictures used to arrive with postmarks stamped on the back, but now they have to be in envelopes. some of them … Continue reading

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Freebie: DIY Reading Diary

"Here, I made you something – call it a Xmas gift if you must. DIY Reading Diary – a free PDF download of an 8½"x11" sheet that has a 2 page spread. You will have to worry about the double … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Barry Silver

I bought my first moleskin right before a trip to India in 2002. I think it was the inside pocket that sold me.  I had never been much for writing in journals, but it seemed like a good idea at … Continue reading

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In Praise of Paper

"When I began writing scripts in the early 80s, ‘cut and paste’ meant a pair of scissors and Pritt stick BUT I had a secretary to type up my scrawl. Today I couldn’t work without my Powerbook and the Internet, … Continue reading

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