Little Black Book (The Moleskine Song)


who knows what’s under

your minimalistic skin

the way you just close in

the mystique within

The butter colored pages

and the perfect round edges

wrapped up together

in a solid black cover

Oh little black book write

little black book write

write down the thoughts of our lives

the doodles of our sights

They say that Van Gogh

Hemingway and Picasso

fell for your beauty

many years ago

And on their black books

created classics for years to go

and now my book is lying beside me

waiting quietly.

By Steve.

" I’m a 22 yr old Moleskine user in Taipei, Taiwan. Several days ago I just picked up my guitar and wrote a song for my Moleskine, because I simply love it a lot. I want to share my song with you.."


(A special shoutout to Kathy Sierra and visitors from her blog, "Creating Passionate Users":)

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