Volants coming back?


Last week, I discovered some large Volants at a shop in San Francisco and I got some to try. I never used them when they were readily available – not sure why but they kind of looked appealing to me on the shelf so I bought them.

I really like them, a lot! They are very practical, where I do not care at all for the Cahiers. Never have. I looked on the net to see if anyone still had any Volants to sell. I came across an article in Wikipedia that said due to customer demand, Modo may actually bring the Volant back.


– Janine K

From Samantha Rossini of Modo & Modo:

"Sincerely I don’t know who wrote that we are bringing back the Volant notebooks in Wikipedia. Anyway I can tell you that we are working on them but, at the moment, I’m not able to confirm you anything…"

Chet also discovered some leftover Volants in Malaysia.


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