Wanted: Bamboo tips

I am an artist, after a passion I assume, some
people tend to think I am but to me it is a job.   I do restoration on
very expensive (also cheap as well) wood work in restoring very fine detailed
wood grain.  All the pens I have ever purchsed that are designed for my
restoration trade are made of felt. When they are new, I can get a line about
1/8  of an inch wide and even that is not fine enough. After
using them about 4 or 5 times the finest line I can get is about 1/14
of an inch wide.  What I am looking for is a good flowing bamboo tip about
1/4 of an inch in diameter that I can use to replace these no good felt
tips.   I need something that will produce a line about the size of a
hair.  Even If I had some pieces of bamboo that I could shape would be
fine with me. Do you know of a good source for such a thing. I am looking forward to hearing from you.   



If you have pertinent info, please email him directly at rondl@leathermanservices.com

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One thought on “Wanted: Bamboo tips

  1. Sounds like what you need is a Pilot G-TEC-C4, these produce a very fine line 0.2mm if my memory serves me right, and I think there are other line widths.


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