Who got a Moleskine for Christmas?


Brauseholic did. Who else got a Moleskine for Christmas?

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  1. I got the large and small cahier 3-packs. I’m starting to like the cahiers more and more. They’re so compact and light. Merry xmas everybody.

  2. My two nephews and neice each got one. They are 27, 23, and 19 respectively. Yes, I had to educate them on the possibilities….started with the basic lists they could create so they would remember important details. Hey, you have to start somewhere!!!

  3. My lovely boyfriend gave me one for Christmas after I whined that it’s bad luck to get your own journal. The Moleskine notebook has a lot of cool features. I like the fact that the stamps with famous quotations of writers came out, the book is flexible and durable, it had a soft rubber band to keep it closed, plus there’s a built in page holder. The coolest thing is that any page I open it to seems to lay down flat. It was a good present and I really enjoy it. –Clau

  4. I just ordered my second large ruled Moleskine (before I knew it is apparently bad luck to buy one’s own…). I bought my first journal last January and have it nearly filled up. I can definately see myself going through at least one a year.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I gave my sister-in-law’s artist boyfriend a Japanese album and received a blue silk lined pocket notebook like I have always wanted. And a planner from a nice friend:)

  6. I gave a squared pocket notebook to my Father, Grandfather, and Brother. I didn’t know it until he opened it, but the one I gave to my grandfather had a Frank Lloyd Wright quote in it, which is fitting since my grandpa is an architect. He read it aloud to everyone.

    “I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the
    hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters ”

    He got a kick out of that.

    Spread the love.

  7. My wonderful girlfriend gave me a squared reporter notebook and a Parker Sonnet fountain pen in Laque Verdigris. She modified the notebook by changing the black elastic band to a dark red one (black and red are my favorite colors). Awesome!

  8. I did too. A 2007 datebook. I can’t buy a new sketchbook because I haven’t finished filling the one I started on Jan. 1 2006. Although it’s tempting to start the year clean … hmmm ….

  9. I bought my self a new X-Large soft cover 2007 planner for Christmas (well, why not), have always used hardback before, so this is a bit of an experiment. It is very different – we will see how it stands up to 12 months use.


  10. A good year for notebooks – I received seven Moleskines of varying sizes which, on top of the large Miquelrius I just bought, puts me in good shape on notebooks for a while.

  11. i recieved 3 just before christmas as a payment for some work i did, a large sketchbook, a pockets book and the 07 diary (he’ll read this, so thanks :0). a lucky thing it was too as the hints to my partner and parents didnt pay off. though mum gave me a much coveted pilot birdie fountain pen – woo! so a very good christmas all round :0)

  12. Mine is, indeed, a sad story. I wanted a 2007 weekly planner, the limited edition red one. I held one in my hand and thought, “I shouldn’t buy it now. Its Christmas. I can wait.” In hopes one might arrive in a stocking or a small carefully wrapped package I waited. No luck. I did, however, get a Border’s gift card and as soon as possible I beelined it for the store to grab my treasure. I was saddened to see that all of their Moleskine planner items were gone. Wiped out. Poof. The fact that they were all gone makes me think they were packaged up under order of the home office or something so as not to be sold in the half-off calander sale.

    And now, I cannot find them anyway in my town. A sad tale. I will, most likely, try to buy a blank lined one and make my own.

    Next time, screw patience.

  13. My fiance bought me the large sketchbook (which I had on my Amazon wishlist) and I introduced my sister the journalist to the reporter flip book. She LOVED it.

  14. I got one in my stocking: A large lined reporter notebook. And I gave away two. One was a large watercolor notebook to an artist friend and the other was a small reporter notebook to my wife for her purse.

  15. I gave 2 to my cousin – the diary, and large squared notebook. And a red diary to my mom. I didn’t get any myself. but I’ve got a small stash so I’m ok.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!!

  16. I received the large moleskine weekly notebook for 2007 which was really one of the few things I really wanted! I will personalize it a lot…

  17. I got a set of large black cahiers, a pocket sized pockets and, most importantly, a London City Notebook which I spent the rest of the holiday hugging as it is so lovely!

  18. I got two: I’ve had this one moleskine I’ve had since September but never used (except for writing my name in it and marking a few pages), which bugged my friends a lot. I told them I’d use it once I had a spare. So they got me some. I think I’ve got a sketchbook and a watercolor one on the way too, but they aren’t here yet. 😀

  19. I got a Moleskine day planner! My boyfriend bought me a Moleskine for Christmas 2005, and then the planner for this Christmas. Hopefully there will be more Moleskines to come!

  20. I recently got my first one for christmas and just one day ago I had on it a very special girl dedication, the real friend who gave me this moleskine as a gift and whose dedication gave it the right value.

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