Lunch @ Laughing Planet

I fell in love with the lamps at Laughing Planet when the baby sis took me there for lunch…probably my favorite place in Portland, to date. The soda was just begging to be drawn! Pumpkinoddle @ Meal Moles/FLICKR© All rights... Read More


Inspiration: You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful is a simple, powerful statement which is incorporated into the over absorption of mass media and lifestyles that are wrapped in consumer culture. This statement and the context in which someone finds it gives meaning to its... Read More


Pocket Moleskine Jacket

Pretty cover to protect your precious Moleskine journal and all your sketches, notes, stories & secrets it may contain. This cover is made from a pretty vintage inspired cotton fabric in apple green with sweet white flowers and brown vines.... Read More


Garden Journal

Decorated red moleskine 2007 weekly planner, to be used a garden journal. By metak @ FLICKR© All rights reserved [Thanks Johnny!]————————————————————- –  Video: Visual Journaling    –  I Am Plastic    –  Prayer of a Writer Today on... Read More


The Datebooks of Eva Hesse

“Studio—To date have again done mainly drawings. Coming along. Sometimes I feel they’re good, often I get discouraged. Staying at studio gets a little easier + more pleasant. I usually take break + come home. Tom stays.”—Eva Hesse In 1964–65,... Read More


Moleskine stealth sketching

For all those secretive sketchers out there, here’s more inspiration: "…last year I stumbled across a site about the Moleskine notebook. “Wait!” I thought, “That’s my notebook. Where IS that thing?!?” After a little rummaging I found it in a... Read More


Silkscreened Moleskine Sketchbook Black Silver Blue

This moleskine book is silkscreened with yes, some nifty micro organisms called bolivia robusta! I have some super cool 60’s science encyclopedias at home that inspired this design. Each one of these books is individually silkscreened by hand in blue... Read More


Found: Jar of Whimsies

The 30-ounce plastic jars are packed with over 100 items including glass glitter imported from Germany, vintage cotton spun mushrooms, gold foil leaves, viles, millinery supplies, vintage beads, vintage costume jewelry, vintage clothespins, typewriter keys, jingle bells, vintage marbles, wooden... Read More


DETOUR Artist Profile: Liselotte Watkins

Liselotte Watkins was born in Nyköping in Sweden. She has worked as a fashion illustrator since she finished her education in the late 1990’s at The Art Institute in Dallas, USA. Her drawings have been published in Vogue (UK,USA, Japan,... Read More