The Gift


    *  A large Moleskine
    * A pocket Moleskine
    * Little safety pins in jellybean colours
    * Bee magnets
    * More jellybean colours in the form of plastic paper clips
    * Skull eraser
    * Three metal paper clips: paper, rock, scissors
    * Origami paper
    * Vine ribbon
    * Foil tops from wine bottles…”I thought you could use them for your postcard collages,” he said.

For my last birthday he’d bought me sparkly, dangly earrings.  Pretty baubles, but I ended up taking them back to the store and exchanging them for something more “me.”  I won’t be returning or exchanging any part of this gift.  It’s perfect, all of it, especially the encouragement it gives: Write, draw, smile, create…

Rosalinda Sanchez

Writing from Vancouver, BC, Canada, I’m an event planner by day (and many nights).  I squeeze journal-writing and making postcard collages into my spare time.  Pilot G-2s are all fine and good, but Sensa pens with Parker Gel refills ROCK MY WORLD.