Found: Jar of Whimsies


The 30-ounce plastic jars are packed with over 100 items including
glass glitter imported from Germany, vintage cotton spun mushrooms,
gold foil leaves, viles, millinery supplies, vintage beads, vintage
costume jewelry, vintage clothespins, typewriter keys, jingle bells,
vintage marbles, wooden spools, sugared fruits, antique skeleton keys,
vintage game pieces, watch parts, foil dresdens, miniature toys,
vintage swizzzle sticks, charms, and so much more.

When you purchase a Jar of Whimsies we’ll pick one for you, so as to keep it a surprise. Just like Christmas!

Jar of Whimsies
@ One Good Bumblebee

[via Design*Sponge]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Found: Jar of Whimsies

  1. Justin Cartlidge says:

    Great – but what are ‘viles’ and ‘dresdens’ ?

  2. Alia says:

    “viles” — mispelling of “vials,” as in small enclosed containers.

    “dresdens” — Paraphrased google search results, dresdens ornaments, named for the part of Germany producing them, showed up in the 1860s. They’re basically heavily embossed, die-cut paper, colored gold or silver. They were produced in flat and 3-D variants.

    Google is your friend.

  3. Anita says:

    There was some catalog (forgot what now, maybe Troll or Childcraft?) that my mom would get sent to the house when I was growing up in the early 90’s that had something very similar to this jar. It was just a jar of … stuff a kid could use for crafts.

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