Having a hard time moving to gel ink


I recently got a Moleskine, and I’m trying to find a great pen to go with it.

I read a lot about the G2, but didn’t really like it for two reasons. First, I’m left-handed, so smearing is a big issue for me.

My next choice was a uniball Jetstream, which was recommended for lefties, and while the smearing seemed much more manageable, it brings up the second issue which is I’m having trouble getting used to gel ink.

I’m used to ballpoint, and the thing I seem to be having the most trouble with is the fact that you don’t really have to press as hard to write. At least I THINK that’s the problem.

It’s really weird – I never thought I had a comfort zone wrt writing, but I guess I do and I’m currently out of it 🙂

Has anyone else ever had to go through an adjustment period when moving from "regular" pens to the type I’m mentioning above? If so, does it get better or am I just screwed? 😛


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