Justin Bryson’s “Odd form of organization”


"I soon become borderline OCD about writing everything down, and wrote on all sorts of scraps of paper, receipts, napkins, anything really.  After keeping up with the same 2 foot long Wal-Mart receipt dubbed "the most important piece of paper in the world" I realized I needed to find something else.  At that point I went back to the Moleskine and developed my own jacked up form of note-booking.

After close to a year of refining this is what I have come up with.  Each notebook is given a name, usually a single letter notating what type of notebook and which number in the series that there is. I number the pages(i had to go back and do all of the cardboard "cahier" notebooks because they were finished before the system), and give them a letter and number name.  This allows me to easily "hyper link" inside of notebooks so I can jump from project to project. .."

Dustin Bryson
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