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Our friend Gray Miller wrote a post about his experience using the Moleskine as a tool for stage managing:

"Chris, our board op, gave it a sneering glance during a break. "Well, that’s an interesting way to write cues!"  he said.  "And with a pen!"

Don’t get me wrong–Chris is very capable. I’m really glad he’s
there, because he can run both sound and lights efficiently and has
vast experience with dance (he’s the tech director for local troupe
Kanopy Dance, for example). At the same time…he can be abrasive. The
kind of guy who says to the lighting designer "hey, I’m not saying your
palette is
too bad…" and not realize the implied insult. In this case, he was disparaging my moleskine–and as my friends and loved ones will tell you, this is not acceptable.

I began to explain that I always used pen, since as a lefty pencils
tend to smear, and was going to go on and begin to expound on the joys
of writing in the moleskine, the paper, the satisfying snap of elastic
when you close it up, the fun hidden things you find forgotten in the
back pouch…but I stopped. It would have been the frustrating
conversation of a gourmet with a gourmand. I simply let him sneer at
it, shook my head at the green legal pad he was scribbling his notes
in, and we went on with the show.

I’ve now got a memory of every move of this concert in my moleskine…"

Read on at his blog.

Photo: © 2006 ABF

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