Moleskinerie is 3


[Greetings from, Milan]

"On the third anniversary of the Moleskinerie site, I could write a few words of fluff and congratulations about a job well done, but I’d rather say this. is one of only a handful of websites I visit almost every day, even after a thousand days. The quality has never diminished and the things it brings to our attention are both enriching and eye opening. They make the world a bigger place, even if it’s juston our computer screen. In all honesty I cannot think of many internet websites that do that and certainly not after a thousand or more pages. Pretty impressive for a three year old."

Jonathan Carroll

"I’ve finally gotten over my fear of desecrating a moleskine with my
sub-worthy scrawls. Now I indulge myself with abandon."

Mark Frauenfelder
Writer, Illustrator and Co-founder of

"Congratulations on three years of tasteful blogging, and thank you
for the inspiration! My best wishes to you and Moleskinerie for 2007"

– Clotilde
Chocolate and Zucchini



Moleskinerie to go from strength to strength in the new year and be the
leading pioneer in the network cultural system of Moleskine."

– Victor Hsu

"I’m on my fourth Moleskine!"

Howard Rheingold

Ευτυχισ να Γενθλια
στο δικτυακ χρο του αγαπηνου σηειωατριου.
Ζστε, δηιουργστε και ην ξεχντε να γεζετε τι σελδε του
moleskine σα.


Happy Birthday
to the website of our dear notebook.
Live, create, and don’t forget to fill the pages of your moleskine.

Ioannis Dimakos
Patras, Greece

"Armand and the web version of his mind, Moleskinerie are two things I’m so
grateful for. Armand is a good friend, generous and helpful, encouraging and
inspiring. His site, Moleskinerie, is the place I can head for and always
get good quality posts and ideas. It’s hard to believe Moleskinerie has only
been around 3 years, as it feels like I’ve been reading it for a decade! 🙂

Congratulations on your 3rd year Armand ‹ I wish you many more years of
sharing and inspiring us all with your efforts."

Mike Rohde and

Celebrating YEAR 3 today, January 12.
Discover and join our Moleskine communities on LiveJournal, MySpaceMoleskinerie FLICKR and Meal Moles.

Get out – have a life and write about it. Enjoy your weekend. We’ll see you on Monday.

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