Newbie Questions

RedmDan  S. wrote:

"I am a recent convert to the Moleskine world and
wanted to ask a few questions about Moleskine Culture:

1. Are the devotees of the pocket-sized books a
distinct sect from those who use the larger versions? Or are we all one big
happy family?
2. What do people carry their ‘skines around in?
(Other than a purse or cargo pants)
3. I find that some pens (a Parker 51, for
example) have a nice narrow clip that slips nicely into the spine of a pocket
journal. The clip on the otherwise wonderful G2 and G6 either bow out too much
or are too wavy to fit. Any other pens fit the spine of a ‘skine without risk of
injury (to the journal)?
4. I understand that the correct pronunciation is
"Mo-leh-skeen-eh," but I can’t bring myself to actually ask for them by this
name when I think that store owners are still under the impression that it’s
"Mole Skin." Anybody else have this problem? Or am I more disturbed than I had
previously thought?

Image: tourgueniev

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Originally posted 1.20.05


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8 thoughts on “Newbie Questions

  1. 1. I prefer the large moleskines but also use the pocket size. I’m in love with the entire line of journals, so I would vote ‘big happy family’. Other people may, of course, feel differently.

    2. I usually use a bag, unless I’m going to the coffeeshop and then I carry it in my hand. After all, what else does one need at a coffeeshop besides one’s moleskine, a pen, a beverage and inspiration? 😉

    3. I’m still in search of the perfect writing instrument. At the moment I use G-2 and the pilot V razor point. The latter *just* fits into the spine but it’s a snug fit.

    4. I pronounce it “Mo-leh-skeen-eh” and if the proprietor gives me that look usually reserved for people on the outer fringes, I simply present my journal as an example of what I’m looking for and repeat the name. If the store owner is not familiar with the name, you may consider it a teaching opportunity. =)

  2. i don’t know about all the other questions.. i can only talk about #2..

    funny you should ask.. we are kicking designs in felt around right now..

    i like the innskines idea, but MAN.. it’s expensive.. and you can’t hold anything else in there.

    i usually have a small subset of my stuff i need to carry around:

    phone, pen, notebook, checkbook, and wallet..

    i would like to make something like the innskines but more expanded…

  3. I also prefer the larger ones, as i write big and messy.
    I drop my moleskine right into my bag, right now i am using a Domke camera bag. if i have to unzip something to get to my notebook, the odds are good i won’t bother.
    I am toying between Lamy Safari and the Shaeffer no nonsense fountain pen fine nib. Both are loaded with various colors of Noodler’s enternal inks. neither of which fit comfortably on or in my Moleskine. Usually I have a California Republic Palomino pencil stuck inside the pages.
    Agreed, I also call it Moleskin out loud as one calls a Porsh instead of a Porshe so peopel don’t look at you funny.

  4. Hey, don’t worry about pronunciation — “Moleskine” is just a word, and words should be our servants, not our masters. All languages twist unfamiliar pronunciations to suit their phonemic inventory.
    For instance all the Japanese pages I’ve seen say “モールスキン/モレスキン” (mōrusukin/moresukin, which sounds like they’re giving you the opportunity to pick “Moleskin” or “Mo-leh-skin”, but not “Mo-leh-skee-neh”.) I have no idea what they call them in other languages, but I would like to know.. could we make a video of people from around the world saying “Moleskine”?

  5. 1. I have two lined notebooks – the Pocket size I use for my personal stuff and keep in my trousers pocket (that’s pants to you in the US) – along with everything else (keys, wallet, coins, etc…). The larger one I use for work and it’s kept with my laptop.

    2. No external cover required. They’re robust enough to survive in my pocket until filled up and then it’s time for that magical moment when one unwraps a new one!

    3. Pen wise I’ve become a great fan of the Pilot P-500. I find it fits my hand and writing style well. I don’t clip it on my Moleskine but let it loose in my pocket.

    4. At the risk of being banned from this site I have to confess I call my Moleskine a “moleskin”!!

  6. Are there any composers who use moleskines? If so, how are you navigating? creating staves and the like?

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