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i’ve always had a strong fascination with moleskine notebooks (and nice pens, for that matter) but sadly i feel like i’ve never been able to properly utilize one.  my problem is this:  i’m definitely not an artist so drawing or sketching is out of the question.  i like to write occasionally but i usually wind up feeing extremely unoriginal afterwards so that doesn’t work.  and finally, i’m too OCD to use it for messy lists or scattered thoughts so i decided to use my brand new moleskine exclusively for something that is neither messy nor of my own creation:  su doku.

i thought long and hard about all the different types of moleskine notebooks that i could use and it wasn’t an easy decision.  i almost went with the storyboard notebook but i couldn’t find one ANYWHERE so that was out.  i thought about getting the squared reporter notebook but soon realized that i wouldn’t like the vertical feel (i wanted it to be more book-like) and i wasn’t going to go with blank pages because that’s just too difficult … so i finally decided on the large squared notebook and so far, it’s been perfect.  i can make the puzzles are large or small as i want and the little squares make it real easy to make the perfect grid (although i still use a ruler and black sharpie to do the job right).  it’s definitely a labor of love but it’s totally worth it in the end.  i just go online and copy down the puzzle of the day and i’m off and running!  after years and years, i finally feel like part of the family.

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  1. I feel the same way. That’s why I started searching the web for Moleskine sites and found this one.

    I usually feel creative when it’s not convenient, like when driving, just falling asleep, etc. I usually have three or four Moleskines with me at any time. I just started to use the weekly journal this year because my Pocket PC has let me down too much (the software, not the Dell hardware). I have a small lined reporter’s notebook for “scratch” paper. I have my large sketch pad since I’m learning to draw (finding the time to get through “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” isn’t easy for me) and I have a large tan cahiers to save a bit of space. That’s three and the fourth is in my scriptures which I usually carry with me, that one is a large ruled Moleskine.

    I don’t know why I love them so but every time I get a discount coupon in the email from Barnes & Chernobyl I usually can’t apss up the opportunity to save on my personal stock of Moleskines.

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