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Moleskine backstage

Our friend Gray Miller wrote a post about his experience using the Moleskine as a tool for stage managing: "Chris, our board op, gave it a sneering glance during a break. "Well, that’s an interesting way to write cues!"  he … Continue reading

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Winners of National Geographic Traveler’s annual photo contest

First Place: Jay Dunn, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China Jay Dunn, an educational consultant, lives in China with his wife, Zhao Ting Ting. The couple recently traveled to India for their honeymoon. Dunn took this photograph of a pilgrim’s hands in the … Continue reading

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How did you first discover the Moleskine?

laserone  says: I’m just curious, how (and when) did you all first discover the moleskine? I discovered it because of Flickr, because of the "What’s In Your Bag?" photo pool. I love surfing that photo pool and I kept seeing … Continue reading

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New works by Danny Gregory

" Ah, the fresh, crisp promise of an untrammeled moleskine! And thus I open Vol. 49 of my ongoing adventures…" Danny GregoryVisit his blog. © 2007 DG————————————————————- –  Trio of home-made Circa 3×5 notebooks   –  Distressed leather and Fabriano paper  … Continue reading

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Searching for the Poisonous Pitohui

Poisonous birds do not have major medical importance, but are interesting and fascinating in their own right. The following data shows how little we actually know of the natural world. In 1989 a researcher (John P. Dumbacher of the National … Continue reading

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David McLimans claims a Caldecott

"Madison (WI) illustrator David McLimans, whose Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet has won a 2007 Caldecott Honor. The Honor is presented each year to distinguished children’s picture books by Association for Library Service to Children. The ALSC describe’s McLimans’ … Continue reading

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Starved Rock Lodge

"Gas to get there 1.89/gal. Moleskine 15.00. Faber Castell Pen 2.50. An afternoon by the fire with nothing to do but sketch in your moleskine….priceless. " Pedalpower @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved————————————————————- – Blank Page # 27    – My … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Fantastic City Landscapes

"After having conquered some of the Russian lands, Batu Khan heard of Kitezh and ordered his army to advance towards it. The Mongols soon captured Maly Kitezh, forcing Georgy to retreat into the woods towards Bolshoy Kitezh. One of the … Continue reading

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PRIMER Moleskines with Custom Bellybands

"We made custom belly bands similar to the ones that come with the books, and hand-signed each. dream BIG… Our little firm is noted for our use of notebooks, so for our first ever holiday campaign, we thought sending customized … Continue reading

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Catastrophe! / Mole Cleaning

AJ says: Earlier today I realised my pen was leaking in my pocket. Horror-stricken, I yanked out my red 2007 planner and looked, aghast, at the ink staining on the spine. I guess that’s why they usually make them in … Continue reading

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