What’s in My Journal

Odd things, like a button drawer. MeanThings, fishhooks, barbs in your hand.But marbles too. A genius for being agreeable.Junkyard crucifixes, voluptuousdiscards. Space for knickknacks, and forAlaska. Evidence to hang me, or to beatify.Clues that lead nowhere, that never connectedanyway. Deliberate... Read More


The Prodigal Moleskine

"It was lost, and now is found. My moleskine, that is, not the big old house on the corner of Raleigh and Stockley Garden. I suppose I should spank the fatted calf (I’m not using the k-word on the off... Read More


Moleskine Pencil Sleeve

"new year, new items. here, we present the mogo pencil sleeve (for lack of a better name) – a variation of our ever-popular craft case. it attaches to the front cover of your favorite journal or sketchbook to give your... Read More


Patrick’s CityNotebooks

"I’m gonna travel to London for market research, then Frankfurt for PaperWorld 2007 and finally Paris for Maison et Objet and market research. I’m so happy I got some samples from vendor last week and I can start to plan... Read More


Neat moleskine wallet hack

"After looking at my wallet and considering the large amount of superfluous stuff in it, I realized that I could probably fit the necessary wallet contents into the two spare pockets of the Moleskine. It fits nicely into my wallet... Read More


Wszystkiego Najlepszego Moleskinerie!

I am sorry for being three days late but I would also like to singHappy Happy Birthday to MOLESKINERIE!!! Thank you for making my day, every morning 🙂 Best wishes from Poland, Joanna Celebrating YEAR 3 Join the party here.... Read More


Notebook Stories

i’ve always had a strong fascination with moleskine notebooks (and nice pens, for that matter) but sadly i feel like i’ve never been able to properly utilize one.  my problem is this:  i’m definitely not an artist so drawing or... Read More


Justin Bryson’s “Odd form of organization”

"I soon become borderline OCD about writing everything down, and wrote on all sorts of scraps of paper, receipts, napkins, anything really.  After keeping up with the same 2 foot long Wal-Mart receipt dubbed "the most important piece of paper... Read More


chocolat, plume, encre et moleskine

Photo by equusignisMoleskinerie/FLICKR Photo by TomandjpMeal Moles/FLICKR Images © All rights reserved by photographers————————————————————- –  Spilling your guts in your notebooks     –  Handwritten Beatles’ Lyrics For Sale –  The Great Notebook Roll Call Today on Notebookism  Greetings to our... Read More