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"I’m gonna travel to London for market research, then Frankfurt for
PaperWorld 2007 and finally Paris for Maison et Objet and market
research. I’m so happy I got some samples from vendor last week and I
can start to plan my 12 days trip using these two city notebooks. I
will definitely know if these are really that useful after the trip. I
do however really buy into the idea that the best trip is one that’s
planned by yourself instead of following travel guides. The new site also offers traveler’s recommendation in various
cities, so I guess getting info from the net and plan your own trip
using city notebook is definitely a great way to… plan and execute a

On the other hand, today I received yet another prototype of the New
York city notebook! According to vendor’s information, we will have
Europe cities available in March, then around May to Aug North America
east and then west coast cities will also be launched. Finally Asian
cities will be launched in 2008. The reason why they can’t launch all
of them at once is that Modo e Modeo would hire one person in each city
to actually check all the details to make sure they are correct,
although the maps are in collaboration with Lonely Planet…"

Patrick Ng @ Moleskineri/FLICKR

Also visit his website. ""


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