The 360 Degree Leader


  1. Leaders listen to all ideas
  2. Leaders never settle for one idea
  3. Leaders look in unusual places for ideas
  4. Leaders do not let personality overshadow purpose
  5. Leaders protect creative people and their ideas
  6. Leaders do not take rejection personally

The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization
by John C. Maxwell

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4 Responses to The 360 Degree Leader

  1. chip60 says:

    The more adverdorials you place here, the less I will visit this site. Thanks for reading.


  2. This is not an advertorial. Advertising entries are clearly labeled on this blog. I’m not getting paid to post this. I have personally read this book and giving it space here because I like it.

  3. Romi says:

    I bought this book a couple months ago and havent gotten to it. John Maxwell writes good stuff! Very refreshing and validating.

  4. Dannie says:

    I wonder if Anderson Cooper has heard of this book?

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