The Datebooks of Eva Hesse


“Studio—To date have again done mainly drawings. Coming along. Sometimes I feel they’re good, often I get discouraged. Staying at studio gets a little easier + more pleasant. I usually take break + come home. Tom stays.”—Eva Hesse

In 1964–65, Eva Hesse lived with her husband, sculptor Tom Doyle, in Kettwig-on-the-Ruhr, Germany, at the invitation of a European art collector. During this time, as she did throughout most of her life, Hesse kept diaries and made extensive notations in datebook calendars. These two datebooks, published for the first time as facsimile editions, are accompanied by a third volume that includes an essay on their significance in the artist’s career as well as full transcriptions and annotations.

Datebooks, 1964/65: A Facsimile Edition (Hardcover)
by Eva Hesse

Yale University Press

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  1. I believe Eva Hesse’s work developed during this time, after returning back to NY she seemed to break off and go on her own and begin to build an intense army of minimalistic work, away from her husband.

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