The Prodigal Moleskine


"It was lost, and now is found. My moleskine, that is, not the big old house on the corner of Raleigh and Stockley Garden. I suppose I should spank the fatted calf (I’m not using the k-word on the off chance that my little friend Andy, who works for PETA, is reading this. Andy wears chaps, but that’s another story.) Maybe I’ll just crack a can of California Black Olives. Then my clipboard with the laser paper in it who has remained steadfast and never gotten lost won’t feel jealous that I’m making such a fuss over my little Italian friend, because he don’t eat no olives. Amazing how I remember all those stupid little Bible stories that I got drilled into my vulnerable little skull at such a tender age. Don’t know about you, but we received a little Bible comic book in every Sunday school with an uplifting little Bible story. Wasn’t that underhanded? But it didn’t fool any of us…"

Walt Taylor
Visit his blog. "Crack Skull Bob"

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