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New Works by David Navas

Our friend David Navas has a new collection of drawings online. David is a painter and animator. He lives and works in New York and Barcelona. He has created motion graphics and animation for MTV, Mun2, and The Locomotion Channel, … Continue reading

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Tmbuk2 Notebook Covers

Add some color to your boring black journal with our Moleskine® notebook covers. Also available in blank canvas so you can bring your doodles to life. Timbuk2 Product Link [Thanks Johnny and Chris]

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Green Window

Two shades of green were sprayed to form the background, I love the colour that came out. I had the idea a while ago that I wanted to try cutting sections of my moleskine and using the page behind to … Continue reading

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Waterfall at Lu-Shan

Sunlight streams on the river stones.From high above, the river steadily plunges – three thousand feet of sparkling water –the Milky Way pouring down from heaven. – Li Po via Whiskey River

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Suggestions for ‘skine writer’s burnout?

I got into journaling this past Thanksgiving, having only written a few pages here and there over the years. Since then, I’ve filled about a book and a half– quite a bit. I was hooked, obviously, and couldn’t stop writing. … Continue reading

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Recent comments

Not only do I lovingly refer to my Moleskine as my "pretentious diary," it also does double duty as my wallet. However, I was not totally loyal to the brand until I had flirted with a "prettier" competitor. While at … Continue reading

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My hybrid system

My calendar is printed 4/page from Outlook, weekly view.    (Although there are multiple calendar week pages printed in the example I printed for this picture, I usually only print one (the upcoming week) at a time. This allows me … Continue reading

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How to Talk About Books that You Haven’t Read

Well,  zut alors! A distinguished French literary professor has become a surprise bestselling author by writing a book explaining how to wax intellectual about tomes that you have never actually read. Pierre Bayard, 52, specialises in the link between literature … Continue reading

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DETOUR Artist Profile: Celia Grace Squire

Celia Grace Squire is a freelance Illustrator and Storyboard Artist. Born in Canada, Celia received her BA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art in 2006. Celia has exhibited at Corsica Studios and The Truman Brewery. Celia also co-founded the … Continue reading

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The Little Park in the Notebook

Hemmed in on all sides, unrepentantto the choking layers of Smugnessin the Notebook suffused with thick blackink, defiantto the endless trails of obsidiansnaking through, pavingthe Builder’s progress sat a park. Humble at sixty letters across, fourteen linesfrom north to south, … Continue reading

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