Green Window


Two shades of green were sprayed to form the background, I love the
colour that came out. I had the idea a while ago that I wanted to try
cutting sections of my moleskine and using the page behind to influence
designs. This is just a test for that idea, more inventive use of this
technique will follow in the future. My ultimate goal is to have the
front and back pages both benefitting from the cut-out sections.

There is nothing yet behind this page other than the Hello sticker,
mainly because I liked the look of the blue with the green. Sometimes
the phrase "Blue and green must never be seen" isnt right at all! I’ll
have to think about how to use the cut-out section creatively on the
next page.

The dirty black marks were created by running a sharpie along the edge
of a steel ruler than dragging it along the paper. Interestingly this
Moleskine has started out quite colourful where the other started
basically greyscale. I’ll have to tone it down for a couple of pages I
think, when it gets too bright it starts looking too mainstream I

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Nbk48_1– Pseudo-scientific Pen Test         
– Gift from Levenger    

– Forgotten diary captures horror of the Somme

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One Response to Green Window

  1. Merisi says:

    Great creative ideas, the painted pages and the cut-out sections.
    I love green and blue together: Has anybody ever complained about the green meadows and blue sky over them? 😉

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