How do you keep your bookmark from being destroyed?


Aquaman comes to the rescue!

eatingcleveland says:

I’ve just switched over to the hard-bound Moleskine from the cashiers recently, but the bookmark is really annoying me. I had this in my pocket for less than a week and the bookmark is already frayed. Anyone have suggestions on how to keep the bookmark in good shape?

Look In The Tunk says:

"You could probably put some glue (that dries clear) or nail polish on the end of it and that might stop the fraying."

Haagen Jerrys says:

"…my bookmarker has become frayed, and i think i like it that way. however, if i could, i’d attach some bead or clamp type-thing to the end and use either glue or rubber cement or perhappsss some clear nail polish to whatever else became frayed. the problem with any of these mediums is that they would probably crack and/or peel off if bent. i may be wrong, though."

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Photo: "Moleskine Ribbon Fray Avoidance" by Ape Lad @ FLICKR
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