How to make the perfect Moleskine…


"About 2 months ago I happened upon the perfect Moleskine, well, almost. You see, the London City Moleskine is designed as a travel notebook, a ‘write your own guidebook’. Therefore, it has maps of the city centre (that are better illustrated than an A-Z) and tabbed sections (for places, people, exhibitions, lists etc.) and very little space is devoted to sketching, less than a third has blank pages. Understandable as it will probably only have a working life of a few weeks.I found the London Moleskine seriously useful, and after months of being my faithful companion in both adventure and work, I didn’t want to buy another. Apart from the fact that each city notebook costs a lot of money, it already had a lot of information regarding places in the tabbed section, and I’d drawn routes and places on my maps too, I didn’t want to spend ages copying this to a new City Notebook that would probably be in the same situation after another month of projects and ideas.

So I started this project, how to expand the life of my Moleskine, can it be a faithful companion forever?…"

By James White
Confessions of a Graphic Designer