I want to bind three cahiers together


I accidently bought a set of three cahiers thinking they were regular moleskines. I don’t like the look of the cardboard covers.  I am thinking of trying to bind them together in one big journal and putting on a new cover. I am just not sure how to yet. Has anyone tried coil binding, tape binding, or glue binding moleskine paper. If so what were your thoughts on the finished product.  Another option is treating each book like a signature but I don’t know how I’d join them together. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks!

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4 thoughts on “I want to bind three cahiers together

  1. I would like this too. I like the black cahiers, but they are too ephemeral. So I like this idea.

    What works for me – I am using the weekly soft-cover diary as a notebook now, as I find I’m ignoring the dates and taking all my notes in it. Many of us now need a journal at home, and a note-book in our pockets, not a diary. (A journal is past events, a diary is what’s coming – which most of us working people now satisfy by syncing our Nokias to iCal on our Macs. Well, don’t we? )

    Does anyone bind the three cahiers together? I would if I knew how.

  2. If the holes from the stitching line up you could use a coptic stitch to sew them together. If you google it, you could probably find the directions.

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