Moleskine and Air France announces INVITATION AU VOYAGE



In order to encourage and inspire the creativity of travelers, Moleskine has decided to do its first collaboration project with Air France.If you love to travel, if you always carry a Moleskine in your pocket – join the competition and win a round-trip flight ticket to cities in Europe! You only need one qualification to enter this competition: that you love traveling.

We will invite original travel notebooks using Moleskines, which will be selected by a committee consisting of artists and travel specialists.

Details are as follows:

Travel Notebook Competition: A collaboration event between Moleskine and Air France
– Three Best Award winners will each receive a pair of round-trip Economy-class Air France flight tickets to European cities.
– An additional top seventy-five winners will receive a special Moleskine notebook set.
– All winners will have their work shown at an exhibition scheduled to tour Japan from late July 2007.
– You only need one qualification to enter this competition: that you love traveling.
– Create your very own and original travel notebook based on all sorts of voyages – those etched in your memory, or those that you are planning at this very moment, or even imaginary ones.
– Go out on a voyage with a Moleskine in search of an exciting and new adventure!

Getting Started
1. Fill out the online application form

2. Get yourself a your favorite Moleskine notebook Any kind of notebook is OK as long it’s a  Moleskine. Although this is an event to promote the City Notebooks, you may use any format including the Plain or Japanese Album notebooks. (Notebooks that do not belong to the Moleskine collection will not be accepted.)

3. Then travel…

",1] ); //-->Use your creativity in search of a trip that will allow you to explore your own experiences and  discoveries and eventually lead you to create original and unique works of art! You may submit a travel notebook based on trips in the past or those you are planning right now, or those in your imagination.

4. Create a travel notebook…
Describe your travels in any kind of
style – through words, drawings, paintings, illustrations, or collages.
Create a beautiful travel notebook.

5. Deadline
Send your notebook(s) to the following address so that it will reach us no later than June 30, 2007.
is no limit to the number of notebooks you may submit to this
competition. All works will be returned to their respective owners
after the competition.

Qahwa Ltd., Competition Department
Iwata Bldg. 2-202
4-1-23 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Prizes and Announcement
The selection process will take place in mid-July 2007. Results will be announced on the official Japanese Moleskine website:

Air France and Qahwa Ltd. will not be
responsible for any damages or losses regarding the submitted notebooks
during the competition processes. When submitting your notebook
package, we strongly recommend that you take careful measures in
packaging and use delivery measures such as courier services that will enable you to track the delivery.

Please note that during the exhibition the notebooks will be
presented in a manner so that the viewing public may actually handle
and turn the pages of the notebooks. While every measure will be taken
to preserve the condition of each notebook, Air France and Qahwa Ltd.
will not be responsible for damages or losses of the notebooks in
relation to the exhibition. Notebooks outside of the Moleskine
collection will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.

Visit the contest micro-website.[via Carlos Granon]

[Arigato Tatsuo for the translation]