Amsterdam CityGuide

"When I visited Amsterdam, I bought a sketchbook, and while I was in the city, I shoved everything in there, from ticket stubs, to brochures, to notes about destinations. Although it wasn’t a moleskin — and wasn’t anywhere near as... Read More


What has your moleskine done for you lately?

Well, this is it. Tomorrow I find out if my moleskine can win me the best Canadian poem contest from my city (Toronto). So, my question is.. where has your moleskine taken you (doesn’t have to be awards, but has... Read More


Syrian Calligraphy by Mouneer Al-Shaarani

Born on 6th of September 1952.Student of the great Syrian calligrapher, Badawi Al Dirany.Graduated in 1977 from the faculty of fine arts, Damascus University.Worked as a calligrapher since 1967, then as a designer of books and various printed matters as... Read More


From our Mailbox

I just thought you might want to post this on Moleskinerie. I emailed the following to modoemodo on Feb 10th 2007 I have had repeated issues with this moleskine. The back pocket has split on numerous occasions. It has split... Read More


Latest Moleskine Met Its Birthplace

While in Paris for business, I marked on my Paris City Notebook a specific birthplace of Moleskine – Rue De L’ancienne Comedie so that I could visit when I got a chance. I was there finally! Two features on this... Read More


Featured Artist: Juan Rayos

Tuve en mis manos por primera vez un Moleskine hace unos cuatro años y me dí cuenta que había encontrado el cuaderno perfecto que andaba buscando hacía tiempo. Soy fotógrafo y video-jockey, me gusta coleccionar imágenes y textos que me... Read More


Top Tools for Creative (and Working) Writers

“Reporters’ notepads are necessary but obvious. The classic upgrade is the Moleskine, an infamous exercise in clever marketing. The ad copy is ghastly and pretentious, and so are we when we buy them, but they are the best money can... Read More


Fish Karakuri

Just in time for Lent: Karakuri (Japanese meaning trick mechanism) are devices whose mechanical movement is designed solely to amuse or surprise. These charming Karakuri papercraft kits by Japanese designer Keisuke Saka are indeed full of surprise with a douse... Read More


Completed Sutras Exchange

Venantius and I finally completed our collaboration drawings on a pair of accordion moleskines. Last exchange, January 4th, 2007. Veselka, East Village, NYC. The completed books are in Venantius’s sets. – Moriza   "Four moleskine books were selected, but three... Read More


From line drawing to fashion line

"Visiting the Gadget Salon 2007 Autumn/Winter fashion exhibition at Roppongi Hills last Thursday, I saw lots of happy faces. First the ones of ENCADREURS who got such good responses from everyone regarding their collection. And then of course of Shantell... Read More