Lizard on a Mole

This photo was taken in the Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve in Half Moon Bay, CA. The newt is Taricha torosa, or the California newt, according to my class. I was on my first Herpetology field trip, and for... Read More


Teen Blogs and Future Embarrassment

Paul Saffo writes about the downside of having your adolescent writings archived for all time online:    […] I pity teens today, for in a few decades their sophomoric musings will deliver a vast embarrassment utterly unknown to earlier generations.... Read More


How to make the perfect Moleskine…

"About 2 months ago I happened upon the perfect Moleskine, well, almost. You see, the London City Moleskine is designed as a travel notebook, a ‘write your own guidebook’. Therefore, it has maps of the city centre (that are better... Read More


DETOUR Artist Profile: Eduardo Padilha

Eduardo Padilha. Born in Brazil, he was educated in Amsterdam and at Chelsea College of Art . His Solo Exhibitions include 2004 ‘Viva lost Vagueness’ Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht; 2002 ‘The Park’, 198 Galleries, London; 2000 ‘Dark Habits’, IVA, London.... Read More



"My mind has gone back to the wonderful experiences that The Poet and I had in December and January while staying on Dartmoor. I did this sketch on the last day that we spent there. Widdicombe-in-the-Moor is a village that... Read More


How do you keep your bookmark from being destroyed?

Aquaman comes to the rescue! eatingcleveland says: I’ve just switched over to the hard-bound Moleskine from the cashiers recently, but the bookmark is really annoying me. I had this in my pocket for less than a week and the bookmark... Read More


Hahnemuhle: Close but no cigar

Sam at PigPog has a post on a pair of notebooks that looks familiar. "During one of my daily early-morning pokes around the interweb, I stumbled across these journals from fine art paper manufacturer Hahnemuhle…Now,   it might just be my... Read More


Happy Valentine’s Day from Moleskinerie

"Funny Blue Love" By MorbillinaMoleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved————————————————————- – Blank Page # 30         – The artist’s survival kit       – Caderno novo by Fernanda Fonseca Today on... Read More