Paper: the frontier for the digital renegade


"Over the Christmas holidays, I put down some cash and bought a new personal data assistant. The geeks among us call that a PDA – the fancy acronym given to things like a Blackberry or a Palm Pilot.

My new toy, though, isn’t flashy; it doesn’t come with an MP3 player, it can’t take pictures and it doesn’t even have buttons. In fact, it’s made – with the exception of two thin ribbons – entirely out of paper.

Moleskin_planner Rather than upgrade my handheld (a Palm Tungsten), I went back to the future and bought an old-fashioned data manager: a slender, clothbound book that has a week-based calendar on one side and sheets for notetaking on the other.

It’s sleek, though, and even has a chic appeal – maybe even enough to compete in a brand-conscious age where young consumers ditch their cellphones when a slimmer, cooler model comes along. My datebook is made by Moleskin, the trendy company which manufactures notebooks that are as elegant as they are pricey. I’ve even had a couple of friends ooh-and-ahh when I’ve whipped it out of my pocket…"

John Gushue
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Photo by wsarettaw @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
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