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Not only do I lovingly refer to my Moleskine as my "pretentious
diary," it also does double duty as my wallet. However, I was not
totally loyal to the brand until I had flirted with a "prettier"

While at the Getty Museum here in LA one afternoon, I came across
the Paperblanks line of journals. They’re great looking on the outside
with their tapestry covers and they also include the rear pocket we all
cherish. Now I did notice the book had fewer pages (176 vs. 192) and
fewer usable lines (19 vs. 22), so it wasn’t an easy decision. However,
I figured I could get by on the Paperblanks’ looks alone. That’s where
I was wrong.

Not only was I longing for a greater number of pages and lines (had
I been thinking logically, I would have realized that the few papers
multiplied by the fewer usable lines per page means the Moleskine gives
me 880 lines or 40 more pages to work with), the Paperblanks journal
also seemed much less sturdy to me. And within a few weeks, my
perception proved correct when my elastic band snapped away from the
book due to the rear pocket being too full as well as the wear and tear
I was putting on my journal from slipping it in and out of my rear
pants pocket.

Needless to say, I quickly returned to the Moleskine family. So,
while the Xonex Ru journals may possibly be less expensive and come in
pretty colors, a trip to their site tells me they have fewer pages
(128) and they don’t look as sturdy either.

Richard Lawrence

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