Sharing the secrets of your heart


A friend told me once she could never keep a journal, for fear of
all her private thoughts and feelings being read after she died!
This made me wonder.
How many of us out there in Moleskine Heaven really write what is really on our hearts?
Thought this would be an interesting topic.
For starters, I pour out my heart.
In code.

cherryblossom in japan

Photo by Steven
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7 thoughts on “Sharing the secrets of your heart

  1. Actually, I often think about how my journals will be read after I am no longer around. I’m an immigrant with very little in terms of family artifacts. I’ve always thought that at least my journals can be read by my grandkids one day, and so on. For this reason, I share a lot in them. Ditto for the letters I write and receive.

  2. I feel the same way. However, I fear people finding it while I’m alive and reading the contents of who I really am. I appreciate being guarded.

  3. I personally struggle with this. I exclude things I don’t want to be known. I’m more afraid of people who are alive today reading it. After I pass, who cares….

  4. I let it flow. My purpose in writing is to let it go, to express myself, to clear my thoughts, to pass it own, to my children and grandchildren and anyone else that wants to know how I felt, at this time, on this day and in this life. “The rest,” as they say, “is silence.”

  5. Well, this is a very good point…Looking deep inside in my joutrnals, I do think I don’t share my deepest heart..It’s just fear I think…It’s just that I prefer an invisible mask, just to show part of my heart but not everything..A too naked thing:-)
    Instead of that, I usually avoid to write everything or I put things in a very deviant way:-)


  6. I just pour (most of) my heart out, withholding only my deepest thoughts. Just like tj, my biggest concern is that my journals will be read while I’m still alive; after my death is of no concern, since I’ll be dead! Of course, I don’t think I have much to worry about… I doubt anyone will be able to read my handwriting; I can barely manage myself!

  7. well, its most rewarding to get that “stuff” out for me, and who cares who finds out. this is you, the real you, all this mask stuff, come on. man, we all only have one life to live, now, don’t get me wrong, no major secrets like crimes,etc. committed should be divulged, no one in their best mind would like to be locked up. if so, put that in too. just live, be happy, fear no man, but God!!!

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