Teen Blogs and Future Embarrassment


Paul Saffo writes about the downside of having your adolescent writings archived for all time online:   

[…] I pity teens today, for in a few decades their sophomoric musings will deliver a vast embarrassment utterly unknown to earlier generations. It is not that their words are any sillier than earlier generations; rather teens today have had the misfortune of being the first generation to record their thoughts in cyberspace where those thoughts will remain perfectly preserved until some wag drags them out at a school reunion or the author’s children discover the IM affections that passed between mom and dad.

    […] the biggest favor you can do for a teen today is to remind them of what is ahead and gently suggest that perhaps they should record their thoughts the old-fashioned way — on paper. Buy them a Moleskine, or a ream of high sulfur paper that will decompose quickly.

[Kevin Arthur @ Question Technology]

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One thought on “Teen Blogs and Future Embarrassment

  1. I agree with Emily Nussbaum; the apprehension that many people of my generation feel when confronted by the public and fluid identity that today’s young people embrace will soon be seen as an embarrassing anachronism. “We” don’t need to gently suggest anything, except perhaps that they write their innermost thoughts in a Moleskine that they can then share with their friends, or strangers, or people who don’t yet exist…

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