The Little Park in the Notebook


Hemmed in on all sides, unrepentant
to the choking layers of Smugness
in the Notebook suffused with thick black
ink, defiant
to the endless trails of obsidian
snaking through, paving
the Builder’s progress

sat a park.

Humble at sixty letters across, fourteen lines
from north to south, immaculate
with nary a smudge nor mote
of ambition.

Unclaimed by the Builder’s pen, a virgin land.
Who had been there? No one
not even the VIPs of the Builder’s towers
nor the littlest fly
of imagination.

But at 16th Page, it was prime

A day after Valentine’s, the Builder
came, set up a discreet motel, a late
investment called
The Little Park in the Notebook
and the erstwhile haven

Phillip Kimpo Jr.
February 15, 2007
Quezon City, the Philippines

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