"My mind has gone back to the wonderful experiences that The Poet and I had in December and January while staying on Dartmoor. I did this sketch on the last day that we spent there.

Widdicombe-in-the-Moor is a village that is well worth visiting. It is very small and is a popular destination for tourists mainly because of a poem that was written about it’s annual fair. The little shops contain the usual tourist stuff but the pub has a wonderful restaurant which has recently been renovated and serves excellent food. I did this sketch of one of its open fires while I was waiting for The Poet to finish his lunch. The words under the sketch were written on the pub wall.

The parish church in Widdicombe is known as the cathedral of the moor. It is quite small but has a very tall tower. The ceiling has some fabulous bosses and the painted alter screen is ancient and well worth a close look.

Widdicombe is at the bottom of a valley with the moors towering all around it. It really is ‘in’ the moor. Before we drove away for the last time, I stood in the church yard, looking up at the moor and felt the rain on my face and the wind in my hair one more time."


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