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DETOUR Artist Profile: Todd Kelly

Todd Kelly Graduated in Architecture at Andrews University, Berrien Springs and MFA at the School of Visual Arts, New York and Full Fellowship Residency at the Vermont Studio Center. He now lives and works in London and in the last … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Paul Soupiset

My current project is a Moleskine watercolor journal series I began in late February: I embarked on a daily discipline of creating simple watercolored sketches during Lent (a 40-day period of self-examination observed between Ash Wednesday and Easter in more … Continue reading

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Best. Bookmark. Ever.

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild [Image via Sylvia’s "Classical Bookworm"] Discover and join our Moleskine communities on LiveJournal, MySpace,  Moleskinerie FLICKR and Meal Moles.Get out – have a life and write about it. Enjoy your weekend. We’ll see … Continue reading

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Special edition Adobe® Moleskine set

" This is a Special edition Adobe Moleskine set for the guests at launching of Adobe Creative Suite CS3. London, Soho, 27.03.2007 Only invited attendants (designers, advertising industry) received them as a gift from Adobe at the yesterday’s launching. And … Continue reading

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Modding the Moleskine

Here’s a modified memo Pocket Moleskine complete with a pink ribbon lining. Cute!  By AKPhoto © 2007 Visit her blog.

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Spring Gremlins a.k.a. Domain Mapping Issues

The domain mapping issue for seems to have been resolved.  Kindly contact us if you encounter any problems viewing the site. Thank you for your patience. We will resume normal posting on Thursday. – Armand [Special thanks to Jen … Continue reading

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SXSW Sketches by Khoi Vinh

What better way to document SXSW than to doodle. "For my part, I brought along my less visually accurate but infinitely more convenient Moleskine notebook and, much as I did recently in Paris, did a lot of sketching. I’m liking … Continue reading

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Well, This Just Really Sucks

Well, This Just Really SucksA shirt by Kevin Ryan at Threadless [via Bibliophile Bullpen]

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Why GTD Converts Should All Start with Paper Systems

"As I’ve said in the past, I was an analog GTDer (but have since converted to a kick-ass digital solution). I used paper products for absolutely every aspect of GTD when I started and found the experience to be extremely … Continue reading

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Lock Up Your Private Writing

"If someone has read your diary, or even rifled through your desk drawer looking for it, you can relate to my feelings of anger and betrayal. In an ideal world, we would all respect each other’s privacy and wouldn’t dare … Continue reading

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