Sketch-Crawl To Revive Creativity

Sometimes it’s difficult reconnecting with creativity. Life’s responsibilities can often get in the way of a certain freedom our minds need to create art. For some people creative blocks are a constant struggle, while others have found ways through it. Personally, I need to get out in the fresh air for about ten minutes and take a walk. I like the way walking allows my eyes to wander and land on just about everything around me without placing judgements, and how my brain starts working on all the stuff that’s going on in my life without any pressure to resolve. I usually come back happier and suddenly motivated to complete that project I’ve been working on. That’s why I was so excited when I came across a website called, the perfect antidote when you’re losing your creative edge. is the brainchild of cartoon artist, Enrico Casarosa, who after a night participating in a pub-crawl for a friend’s bachelor party, where a group stops in at multiple bars on a given route and has a drink in each, came up with the idea of a sketch-crawl. Armed with some pencils and watercolors, Casarosa spent an entire day walking through the city, stopping to sketch whatever interesting came into view.

"Giving yourself this kind of mandate for a full day changes the way you look around you. It makes you stop and see things just a tad longer, just a bit deeper … needless to say I loved it," writes Casarosa on the website.

Sketch-Crawl To Revive Creativity
By Maria Williams-Russell

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