Fun way to use a Moleskine: Autographs


2006 Olympic gold team

"We were at the Brier (Canadian curling event) which was in Hamilton this year. After the games we saw some players going to the edge of the stands to give autographs. Handy always having a pocket moleskine on me, now I have something to get people to sign…"

Dave Numan
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One thought on “Fun way to use a Moleskine: Autographs

  1. This is part of how I use mine. I have gotten autographs in it as part of my “go everywhere, do everything”-ness of my Moleskine. I’m not the typical autograph kind of person though.

    I only ask for autographs from people I /really/ like so I have the lead singer of “The Echoing Green”‘s autograph as well as the two guys from “Real Life”.

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