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My current project is a Moleskine watercolor journal series I began in late February: I embarked on a daily discipline of creating simple watercolored sketches during Lent (a 40-day period of self-examination observed between Ash Wednesday and Easter in more orthodox Christian traditions), as a way to slow down, think about the passage of time, meditate or pray, and then to root myself in my surroundings. I work at a design firm in downtown San Antonio and I steal away during lunch breaks to chronicle my day, or to consider the architecture, discarded objects and infrastructure that I encounter while walking around. Every night the day’s work gets scanned into a lentenblog entry at soupablog.com.

This loose chronicling style feels very natural for me; over the last two decades I’ve kept ongoing journals full of cross-hatched travelogues and layered collage elements that inspire/fuel my other art (paintings, songwriting, etc.). I was very inspired by the Journals of Dan Eldon… but when I was handed my first Moleskine journal as a gift around 1999 or so, I was hooked. The notebooks were harder to find back then; I used to have to make intentional road trips up to Austin’s fabled Book People. Now, I’ve got large “office Moleskines” for client thumbnails, a small “GTD Moleskine” that organize my life, and my sketch journals as well.

I talk more about my supplies list and my process here. Lately I’ve been ignoring my larger scale paintings and making my Moleskine sketches my primary medium. Hope you enjoy.

Paul Soupiset
28 March, San Antonio, TX USA

Paul Soupiset
More on this series at his blog, "soupablog"

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Nbk48_1– Hand Book Artist Journals   
– Inspiration: Mario Hugo Gonzales   
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