Modo e Modo Quality Control & Replacement


Moleskinerie pal Patrick Ng writes about quality control issues with his notebooks:

"A month ago I reported that 3 of my
Moleskine (2 pocket size, 1 large size) had problems with the elastic
band. The large size M has a very loose elastic band it won’t hold the
book close anymore, while the two pocket size M have "shrinked" or
"melted" elastic bands (as seen in the pictures). I never exposed these
notebooks in adverse conditions so they are under my normal use, in
fact the large size M is my journal about my son, so it stays in a
glass cabinet all the time. 2 weeks ago I received an email from the
distributor saying that they would love to give me a replacement and I
received the notebooks a few days after. I’m relieved that Modo e Modo
is really committed to maintain good quality products despite there
were probably some problems with certain production lots. I’m asked by
the distributor to find out the quality control number but I purchased
these notebooks before Modo e Modo implemented the quality control
number system. So a little advise to all of the M fans: Keep the insert
or cut the quality control number out from the insert and save it in
the back pocket. It helps to identify problem lots for Modo e Modo and
you may be able to get a replacement if something is wrong under normal


Nbk48_1– Notebooks by Molly Jean Henson   
– Inspiration: Robin Cameron   
-Jotting down thoughts a pressure valve

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