Moleskine CityNotebooks now at Barnes & Noble


The Moleskine Team announces the availability of the City Notebooks
at Barnes & Noble.

"The Moleskine City Notebook encourages you to explore and embrace the cities you love. Written in your unique voice, the book lets you create itineraries and trace your journeys through the streets of Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and other great metropolises. The City Notebook is the first guidebook that is entirely written by you. You decide the top 10 things to do, spots to see or places to go. You rate the restaurants. And you choose the memories worth saving."


2 thoughts on “Moleskine CityNotebooks now at Barnes & Noble

  1. The bad part is they only have the European ones. As much as I’d love to get them I know that, realistically, I’m not going over to Europe again for quite some time. If they had the US cities I’d pick a few up, especially since I travel the US frequently for work.

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