Moleskine’s Maria Sebregondi on Lovemarks

"Moleskine is a family of notebooks with a rich history that has captured the hearts and minds of people the world over. Maria Sebregondi is in charge of brand equity and communication for Moleskine and she shares her thoughts with about Moleskine and what makes the brand a Lovemark.

Lovemarks: Why do you think so many people feel passionate about Moleskine?

Maria Sebregondi: Moleskine is culture, travel, imagination, memory, personal identity. It is a collection of independent tools that accompany everyday and extraordinary events. A Moleskine notebook becomes an integral part of one’s personality. It is a basic, compact and intelligent accessory. Symbolic and practical elements are combined in one story-telling object that releases energy and emotions collected over time.

LM: Lovemarks is premised on the Love/Respect Axis and attaining both High Love and High Respect. How do you relate the ideas of Love and Respect to the way your business works from day to day?

MS: Attention to quality, consumer relations and authenticity are the basis for Love and Respect. Moleskine is obsessed with quality. We are constantly in conversation with our consumers through customer care (we reply personally to everyone!) and direct contact with various Moleskine communities. We do not hesitate to put ourselves on the line and face criticism – which is more than compensated by the gratification we receive.

LM: Great stories feed Mystery. How does Moleskine use storytelling to add Mystery to its business?

MS: Moleskine is a notebook that tells a story. Its place in history is as an anonymous keeper of sketches and notes, before they became famous pictures or pages of well-loved books. Moleskine is also a ‘book yet to be written’ and the notebook’s owner is the person writing it. The Mystery, therefore, is two-fold: in its legend and future destination. Moleskine enhances its creative and dreamlike aura by involving artists, writers and designers in interactive exhibitions and events, such as the group show Detour and the My Detour events to be held in June 2008 in New York; by offering itself as a pocket-sized trusty companion for meaningful existential experiences; and by interfacing with communities on the Web."


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One thought on “Moleskine’s Maria Sebregondi on Lovemarks

  1. I’m writing from Italy. I am 59 and since many years I have been using moleskine cahiers for everything I had to write on paper.The last set of cahier I bought was a real shock for me: the quality is awful: the cover is plane black paper not the usual semi glossy one, necessary to easily slip into pockets, and not to get dirty with use.
    The stitching, probabily made in China, is a real insult to customer taste, horribly visible on the cover ridge: a product everyone could easily make at home by oneself!I’m very sorry, I will never buy it again nor give it as a present as I used to do. I suggest you had better be less obsessed by quality and simply, honestly care for it. Kindest regards.

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