Notebookism is today’s TypePad Featured Blog

“An empty book is like an infant’s soul, in which anything may be written.” That’s a line from poet Thomas Traherne, but it may as well be the mission statement for notebookism. While some of us may associate the word “notebook” with 6th-period Algebra, not so blog founder Armand B. Frasco, who writes of his target audience: “We all share a pleasant affliction — the urge to create on paper. The smell of smooth creamy paper sends our hearts aflutter…We stare endlessly at the first blank page." Frasco and friends have parlayed this charming fetishism into a lovingly crafted destination for those who want to keep up with a primary way of turning thought into expression. Typical posts include an entry on the visual diary of a former New Orleans resident and one on a soft rubbery prison pen that bends under the slightest pressure. Every Wednesday, check out Blank Page, “your chance to ask, answer and discuss anything notebook-related.” In this era of ubiquitous electronic communication, how nice to see a site devoted to good old-fashioned pen and paper.



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