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Modo e Modo Quality Control & Replacement

Moleskinerie pal Patrick Ng writes about quality control issues with his notebooks: "A month ago I reported that 3 of my Moleskine (2 pocket size, 1 large size) had problems with the elastic band. The large size M has a … Continue reading

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What pens/markers do you love to use in your Moleskine sketchbook?

biffybeans: I recently bought one each of the large/small Moleskine sketchbooks without knowing what kind of paper was in them. It reminds me of the "Oak Tag" paper used for Manilla folders. It seems that my regular pens/markers are reacting … Continue reading

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How do you keep track of your ideas?

Peregrina Historiae has it pretty much laid out: "Replace the Hipster PDA for a small moleskine or moleskine weekly agenda and the rest is pretty much the same… Particularly the Moleskine Notebook part (I have a lined one instead of … Continue reading

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DETOUR Artist Profile: Chris Dent

Chris Dent is an illustrator fascinated by city environments. He uses a range of intricate mark making, creating energetic visions of city life. Chris recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts where he gained a BA in Illustration. Chris is … Continue reading

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Etsy Finds

Moleskinerie pal Keykalou is at it again! "Pretty cover to protect your precious Moleskine journal and all your sketches, notes, stories & secrets it may contain. Cute elephants march across a grey background on the adorable Japanese light cotton canvas … Continue reading

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Welcome Riffdreams

I would like to introduce everyone to Riffdreams, a new blog by my dear friend Gary Varner: "This blog/Web site is an online presence reflecting my renewed interest in music, specifically guitar playing and songwriting. I’ll keep this intro short … Continue reading

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Marieke’s Treats and Treasures

Just a quick note to tell you that I am much enjoying Moleskinerie! For a year now I am posting my Moleskine pages online everyday on I went from small reporter squared, to big sketchbooks trying everything in between … Continue reading

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Fun way to use a Moleskine: Autographs

2006 Olympic gold team "We were at the Brier (Canadian curling event) which was in Hamilton this year. After the games we saw some players going to the edge of the stands to give autographs. Handy always having a pocket … Continue reading

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The travel notebooks are back in Galassia has more on the travel notebooks in Galassia: "They can be considered real self-made books, both artistic and narrative works, where writing and drawing cohabit in order to tell real and imaginary journeys.This year’s edition is dedicated to sea … Continue reading

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Show us your stack!

How many moleskines have you filled? If you can, take a picture of your stack of moleskines and post it here…filled and unfilled! I’m working on filling Moleskine #3 (pocket, squared). My journals are becoming increasingly visual though, so I’m … Continue reading

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